Currently, GP training comprises 18 months in primary care and 18 months in hospital posts. Over the next 2 years there will be a change to 24 months in primary care and 12 months in hospital posts. Some of our August 2020 starters will be offered these new rotations.

Where possible we like you to experience a 6 month GP post early in your training. This is to help you focus on what you would wish to get out of your hospital attachments.

Hospital posts

Medicine for the elderlyArrowe Park Hospital or Clatterbridge Hospital
General MedicineArrowe Park Hospital
Paediatrics    Arrowe Park Hospital
Medical OncologyClatterbridge Cancer Centre (Liverpool)
PsychiatryThe Stein Centre or Clatterbridge
Obstetrics and gynaecologyArrowe Park Hospital
ENT with general surgery on-callArrowe Park Hospital
Emergency medicineArrowe Park Hospital
Emergency medicine coupled with (9-5) Paediatric A+EArrowe Park Hospital
Emergency medicine coupled with (9-5) Liaison PsychiatryArrowe Park Hospital

Allocating tracks

When you have been successful in your application to come to Wirral GP speciality training (congratulations!) you will be contacted by Dr. Jenny Perkins, training programme director. Jenny will ask you to name your ideal hospital posts to enhance your GP training. You may wish to consider your previous experience when describing this – more weight would be attached to post-foundation experience. Jenny will then try as much as possible, with the hospital posts available to her to match your request. If there are not enough posts available in a particular speciality then Jenny will try to achieve a fair balance for each of the successful recruits. To achieve a fair balance of posts for all it is likely that each person will be offered a substantive medicine post and/or an emergency medicine placement.

GP placements are allocated taking into account these factors: recruitment score (people with lower scores will be assigned to more experienced trainers), experience of the trainer, and we aim for contrasting practice demographics in ST1/2 and ST3. Geographical location can be a factor in exceptional circumstances (caring responsibilities or disability). You will not be placed in a practice where you or your family are registered.

It is important for you to know that if you accept the rotation it will not be altered unless there are exceptional new circumstances.

You may be eligible for Accreditation of transferable competencies and if so you should follow this link.

If you intend to apply for less than full-time training you would need to apply formally for that using the HENW website.